Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions and Purchase agreement for WiseModz, wisemodz.com.

Names & Words like “us”, “we”, “WiseModz” refers to Wisemodz.com and Wise

“Product”, “Service”, “Menu” and “it” refers to services/products we offer

“Buyer”, “Customer” and “You” refers to the customer / Buyer

When buying from “our” store (WiseModz, Wisemodz.com) you agree to the Terms And Conditions and the Purchase Agreement. 
We reserve the right to change the Terms And Conditions, at any point.

By using this website you accept the Terms And Conditions, if you don’t agree to all the terms then please don’t use WiseModz.


1.1 Buyers, Users and Customers are not allowed to change the price of the amount they paid to WiseModz and the Products. We reserve the right to refuse a payment and other solutions, if we don’t feel its necessary. We do not offer any kind of refunds or paybacks, only under special circumstances will we offer individual refunds. We do not take responsibility for any actions that are not in our control, personal information and payment information. We also don’t take responsibility for any actions our partners, sponsors, competitors or developers take in action or do. It is possible to get a replacement if the Insurance Policy is available for the individual customer. If a customer sends Cryptocurrencies or Money to the wrong wallet or address we will not do any refunds, replacements or any other solution. Please double check that you are sending money or Crypto to the right wallet.

1.2 Any refunds that is incorrect or doesn’t match the purchase will be taken as manipulative and fraud, that will result in the user being excluded from purchasing from our store, our community. Think twice before trying to get a refund.

1.3 Refunds are not permitted and are against the rules, no matter what the situation/problem is. When purchasing you agree to the things written above.

1.4 Any Programs or Menus that we provide here are not under our control, and therefore not our responsibility if the Program / Menu discontinues its existence, or any other services the Program / Menu provides, therefor we do not take any form of responsibility for the product. WiseModz is only providing the product / service to customers for a price. If the Product, service or Menu discontinues itself we will not be doing any kind of replacements or compensations, therefor we don’t take any kind of responsibility over for what things this has caused. There can be exceptions if the individual customer has gotten clearance.

Refunds or Compensation

2.1 Buyers, Users and Customers are not liable for a refund or a compensation due to the nature of the products we sell. When buying you agree on there refunds are non-negotionable and are not granted to anyone. Under special circumstances we can offer a refund if the case is caused by a mistake on our side.

2.2 Digital products on our website are not refundable and are therefor non-returnable. As said above (2.1), refunds are not a possibility and are non-negotiable, due to the products we sell being Digital Products linked with a license key that we do not control or posses the right to revoke, delete or change. 

Users and Orders

User and Customer data are preserved for a unspecified amount of time to protect our business and customers. We preserve the data to improve our site, quality and experience for the customer.


3.1 When a customer or user is buying from WiseModz (Wisemodz.com), you agree that you only use these menus on the offline version of the game, the menu is supported on. We do not take responsibility for anything if you use your product on any online modes or features. When using any of the products we provide on a online feature, you break the WiseModz ToS and the Rockstar Terms of Service, therefor you take responsibility for anything that happens in with your product or any consequences of using any of the products we provide.

License and Comments

4.1 Wisemodz reserve the rights for all property rights for WiseModz.com. If you are accessing WiseModz then it shall only be for personal use, as long as it follows the rules written in the Terms And Conditions.

4.2 We do not allow any form for duplication or copying any things that belongs to WiseModz. Any selling or re-selling of our products or services is not allowed either. 

4.3 As stated in our Privacy Police there is some places on our site where Customers can write their opinion on the purchase they made, only Customers are permitted to write and post these comments. WiseModz does not in any way edit, publish, filter or review comments there is published on our website. Comments are made by customers who did purchases, therefor the comments are based on the customers experience of their receival, and usage of our products. 

4.5 WiseModz reserve the right to delete and monitor any comments made or can be considered offensive, hateful, inappropriate, breach of the Terms And Conditions or advertising.

4.6 You as a customer has the right to write a comment based on your experience with our site and store. Comments written by customers should entirely be based on a personal experience, with WiseModz, any comments made with false information will be considered as a break of the Terms And Conditions, and therefor WiseModz have the right to delete the Comment.

4.7 When writing a comment on our store (WiseModz.com) then you are granting WiseModz permission to use your Testimonial / Comment for advertising purposes and show it on our other services.


5.1 If you want to see what we use your data for then check our Privacy Policy.


6.1 We will have links on our website that will direct to partners or sponsors, there can also be places where there is embedded links that can redirect to 3rd party websites. If you find any of these links inappropriate or offensive, then feel free to contact us, please keep in mind that your request might be rejected. What happens on partners, sponsors or 3rd party websites are not our responsibility, and therefor we don’t take responsibility for what happens on these websites.

6.2 Please keep in mind that not all information on our site might not be correct, we do not guarantee that the info on our site might be correct or accurate, we do not promise that our website will remain up to date or available.


7.1 This Warning is to warn users before they perform a purchase of any of our services on our store. We recommend that you read the description of the product or service you want to buy or have bought, before buying it or using it. We are not responsible for any damages or losses our products have caused, in any way.

7.2 WiseModz is not recommending or advising in any way that you should, use or make mod menus for any games associated with Rockstar Games or Take 2 Interactive, as it is against Rockstar’s Terms of Service.

This was last updated: 17/06/2022